This young man is a breath of fresh air to be around. There is no “I can’t” in his language and he is the first one to volunteer to roll up his shirt sleeves to go to work to get things done. He works diligently to study his craft so that he can be Best of the Best at whatever he sets his mind to accomplish.
- "Famous" Dave Anderson

About Me

Curtis DeCora is a member of the Lac Courte Oreilles Band of Lake Superior Chippewa in Hayward Wisconsin, and owns Superior Marketing. Superior Marketing is a digital marketing company located in Hayward Wisconsin, and helps companies increase their revenues 21% in the first 90 days. DeCora also founded the Tribal Business League a 501 (c) 6 tribally-led non-profit buying club aimed to help tribes regain the power of their supply chain, pricing power, economic diversification and workforce development.

As a father, Curtis is an avid outdoor enthusiast. Consistently, DeCora engages in hiking, biking, canoeing, kayaking, snowshoeing and sledding. Each week is a new adventure aimed to provide his children with new experiences, challenges, and opportunities to make new memories.

Services Offered

Curtis DeCora offers a wide range of services to small to medium sized businesses and tribal communities. A diverse range of services helps increase revenue, decreases expenses, and improve overall operational efficiency. Tribal Economic Development is a primary focus for DeCora helping put tribes in the driver seat with vendors, contractors, and global partners. Bringing tribes together provides tremendous opportunity. Click the link below and explore the various services offered to businesses; small and medium, as well as tribal enterprise.

In The News

Throughout the last 13 years, DeCora has been heavily involved in various projects from coast to coast and has been featured in Native Business Magazine, Native News Online, Fox News, ABC, NBC, FOX, The Digital Journal, Minneapolis Star Tribune, and Market Watch, to name a few.

Indian Country

DeCora has dedicated his last 5 years to helping tribes, tribal members, tribal organizations, and tribal enterprise. Far too often do we see tribes getting taken advantage of by vendors, consultants, contractors, and partners. DeCora has put together various partners, contractors, and vendors that work to improve upon the status of tribes, versus earning profits.